Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New Promo Video New Gig Masters Profile

I created a promo video for our band to use, to try to book more private gigs. Decided to give GigMasters (view our profile) a try; attempting to get more private gigs. I figured that we got the skills, we have the experience, we have professional promo material, it's time to market us a little more. Let me know what you think of the video, or our GigMasters profile, and how we can improve it! Rock on Brothers and Sisters!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gig Log: Club 90 - 03/09/18 - 03/10/18

We played back to back Fri. & Sat. shows at Club 90. It's always our favorite place because there's always a good turn out, and it's exhilarating to see people dancing to the music you're playing. We worked on making our transition flow better, and to playing songs right into each other. Also, this was our first time playing this much with Dean, which helped us groove with better.
Friday was great. The highlight for me was Mark's funny leather shirt.
Saturday was remarkable, if we were playing the game Guitar Hero, we were using star power pretty much the whole night. A lot of our friends and family showed up. Nate was in town and he let loose. He danced the whole night, and helped us sing the last song. April was there as well, Mark's ex-band mate and ex-wife, she rocked the house by playing keys for two sets and singing backup vocals. Rachelle, the venue owner sang with us for a song as well. It was a night of good vibes, silliness, and good music. When I thought that we have a million good shots at Club 90, and we wouldn't need any more, these were taken by Aaron's mom Kirsten and are absolutely great!
Be sure to catch us at Club 90 April 20, and 21!

Nate joins us on stage to sing "I Wanna Rock N Roll All Nite"
Rachelle joins us on stage to sing "Don't Stop Believing"
April killed it on the keys!

Mark's guapo shirt.

Allison did amazing as usual.

It was a lot of fun rocking with this gal.

Nate said "If we can play lead guitar, surely we can learn the Cupid Shuffle"

Dean, stoic as usual, but he did amazing!