Sunday, March 5, 2017

Utah Music Fest

The Utah Music Festival is a 4 day festival that included 54 bands, across 8 different venues, and we were very fortunate and honored to be apart of it! It was cool because you could either pay a small entrance fee of $6 to get into any show you want, or pay $20 to go to as many of the shows you wanted on any of the nights.
They also held free workshops for all of the participating bands, that covered topics such as: creating super fans, creating music videos, how to get your band to the next level, etc... Aaron went, and he said that they were super insightful, and has yet to share all of the juicy information.

There were a lot of awesome bands who participated. We played at Club 90, and we got to share the stage with the talented JANA and the Rebels.

The crowd was awesome, lively, and sure knew how to dance! We were encouraged to play an original for the Utah Music Fest, even though Club 90 usually wants you to play covers. We played "Breaking Free", one of our most upbeat songs, and we saw why covers were better at this venue. It cleared the dance floor like light scatters roaches.

We were excited to use our new banners, and they turned out really good! They look amazing and were very easy to set up.

We appreciate all the organizers of the Utah Music Fest for putting it together and having us play! Let's do it again next year! #UtahMusicFest

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