Sunday, April 30, 2017

Club 90 04/17

We had a great weekend, playing at Club 90, Friday and Saturday. We were excited to play some new tunes from our 80's setlist. Aaron's baby was due on April 28th, and we were worried that he's have to rush to the hospital mid-show, so we had Curtis, a session drummer learn all the songs and be our backup. Fortunately, Aaron was a became a proud dad a week early, and he was able to perform.

Friday, was the night of the Jazz playoff game against the Clippers, The Jazz were up 3-2, and almost won the game. The venue was a little bit empty, and a lot of the patrons were busy watching the game, opposed to hitting the dance floor. While there were no special events on Saturday, the place was packed with happy dancing people. It was a blast.

We had some great pictures as always, thanks to Aaron's mom, our dedicated and talented photographer.
Saturday night was our 30th show together, and our 14th show with Mark. It's exciting to see how far our band has come, and all to see where we're going. We have a jam packed summer to be excited for, the long anticipated album release, music video creations, and lots of shows. Our next show is at Cliff House, and we'd love to see you there!
Good luck to the Jazz tonight.

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