Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Party Gig 2016

We had show on October 28, the Saturday night before Halloween. This is the second biggest night for bands to be performing.
We were contacted on GigSalad about this gig. Our client asked how we were different than some of the other bands for hire on the website. We expressed that while we have only been actively gigging for 6 months, we have 30+ years of accumulative experience and that we had an awesome set list of about 50 songs, and we showed our new live videos, which are on par with the best acts in the local scene. We were excited when we got the gig.

We were impressed, the client's house was very large and beautiful. I was at first ataken back that we were going to be playing outside. Luckily, it wasn't cold at all, and we could play as loud as we wanted. At other parties, we tried to play as quiet as we could. As in amps were turned down to 3, the drummer was using brushes. This time, my tube amp was cranked to 8 on it's 30W setting, the drummer was playing as hard as he could just to keep up with us.

It was a costume party. The guests had some pretty spectacular costumes. We also dressed up. Allison couldn't decide, she came dressed as a devil, changed into a witch costume, and changed back into a devil. I was Shrek, Nate was a zombie, Aaron was cow poo, and Mark had a spectacular Jared Leto Joker costume. He went all out with the clothes, make-up, and teeth.

The crowd was very responsive, and this was one of the most enjoyable shows that we've played. People were dancing on the back patio, and on the deck above. Everyone was very complimentary. Our host was so pleased that he asked us to stay an extra hour. During the extra hour, the police were called. So we took a small break and then finished our set list, playing a little softer.

Our host asked us to be his party band, and we would happily play again! We're very pleased with the review that he left us! That makes 5 reviews on our Gig Salad! One of the best in the SLC Valley.

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