Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ice Haus - 11/2016

We had a great show at Ice Haus this weekend. A new local band, The Harvest was playing an hour
of their original content, and the Ice Haus contacted us and asked us to play after The Harvest.

The Harvest is a two man band, and they take turns drumming, playing guitar, and singing. It takes serious guts to perform with only two people. All of the stuff that I write, I try to fill it all up with as many instruments as I can, while these guys were minimalists and were still able to convey their music in an excellent way. You can hear your stuff below.

This time we had a sound guy, and he was an expert. It was nice to have monitors, and level sounds. While the place wasn't packed, there was an awesome energy with the people that we brought and some of the new unfamiliar faces. The crowd was very responsive by cheering after every song, and singing and clapping along. We were able to feed into that energy. We danced like we've never danced, and Nate went to the front of the stage during his solos and played like an 80's shredder.

The audience were very generous by leaving tips on the stage. We almost made more money in tips than the money we made at the door. We were very humbled by such an awesome audience! We also had many people shake our hand afterward, and take our business cards.

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