Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Club 90 02/2016

Mark loves playing at this place, and he said that many bands are able to get an audition, but not many get a call back to be scheduled for a rotation. So tonight was our official audition. We played two 1 hour sets, and were compensated with delicious food. It was perfect because I was craving a hamburger. (I should mention that it was an amazing hamburger.)
There were more people than I thought for a Monday night; partially because Mark brought his entire office! Thanks to them for coming and kudos for Mark. A other of our friends came to support us.
We had a lot of fun, and just played like it was a normal show. Big shout out to Allison who sang, even though she's sick and it was affecting her voice. Shout out to Aaron who brought all of his PA system, as well as his drum kit, and who didn't miss a beat.
The owner said that she loved our stage presence, our sound, our song selection, and she said that she liked that we were all young. She gave us an offer to hire us as regular band! We nailed it. It was a lot of fun and we are excited.
Probably my favorite live shot of me

Aaron playing rock solid

Nate stunning the crowd with his guitar skills

Having a band with an awesome singer is essential, I'm so glad that we found Allison

Mark keeping the rhythm tight; just don't ever call his bass a guitar...

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