Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Cliff - 05/17

The Cliff is a new high end pub restaurant located on the mountains of Draper. The food was good, and they have an incredible view of the entire valley. This was a particularly exciting show, because we've been trying to book a show here since it opened. Allison works at the Cliff, and all of her co-workers very warm towards us and excited to hear Allison share her talents. So there was pressure on us as a band to not suck, because we didn't want to embarrass Allison. Luckily we are awesome, and we nailed the show. People were enjoying their food during our first set, and then the dancing began during our second show.
Nate and Ingrid enjoying the view and Balcony
We hired Vic to do our sound, and he did an awesome job. Ingrid took our photos, and they turned out awesome. We all had a great time and we hope to perform here again.
The traditional picture of the band after show, feat. Vic

My attempt to get a good picture of  Aaron, and get a unique angle
Our band name was featured on the billboard outside

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