Thursday, June 8, 2017

We're losing a band member...

We regret to announce that we are losing one of our esteemed band mates... Is it Aaron? Is it Mark? Is it Daryl? Is it Nate? Is it Allison? ****Dramatic duh duh duh***** Drum roll please...

Nate got a great job offer in Arkansas and he is going leaving early July. We sure are going to miss him. He always showed up to every practice and show 5 minutes early. He put a lot of work into his musicianship. We could always count on him to play on time, and on key. He was always looking to be challenged, and he was always working on improving his technique, sound, and talent. He brought a lot of positive energy to the band.

He was part of the band from the very beginning. We put up a KSL ad in the Summer of 2013. He had left behind a successful band in Brazil, and he had only been in the country a few weeks before responding to our ad. He had the skills, he was easy to work with, and he had one quality that many guitarists didn't have: a willingness to play modern pop hits, classic rock favorites, original music, and everything in between.

We've played a lot of shows, released some good music, and it's been a great journey. He was a driving force in making this band the success that it is today. We'll miss you Nate! Good luck in Arkansas.

This Tuesday, June 27th, will be our last public show together, and it will be livestreamed for the whole world to see! We're shooting a music video of one of the songs from our upcoming album, and we have an awesome Independence Day party that we'll be performing at.
We've already started auditions for another guitarist, and we plan on booking starting in September. We will still continue our shows at the Utah State Fair, Sept. 8, and Club 90, Nov. 3, and 4.

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