Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rock Canyon Studio Live - Nate's last public performance!

Rock Canyon Studio Live is a studio that has a stage, and is as big as a concert hall. It is not only equipped to record audio and video, but do livestreams. This was our first Facebook livestream. We were more interested in having professional live video sessions like we did last year at Full Fidelity Studios, but we decided to do the livestream just for fun. We didn't expect anyone to watch, but we had over 200 live viewers. We promoted it quite a bit; because this is Nate's last public show with us. Also, we have a diverse geographical fanbase, and this was the first show that they could be part of. We had friends and family in Brazil, Washington State, Idaho, and Louisiana who were all tuning in to the stream.

Gaynor is the owner, and main sound engineer. He was very friendly and experienced. He brought his video crew, which included Ronda the producer and video switcher, and 3 videographers. They were a lot of fun, and they did an excellent job. Ronda was cheering us on and pumping us up throughout the entire performance.

We were very happy with how this turned out and we hope to use these guys again! I'm a huge proponent of capturing memories in the form of media. We've learned so many covers, and we've definitely made them our own, and we can now remember forever how we performed them.


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