Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Party DJ Gig

Last year, we had a great time playing at a Halloween house party in Sandy. This year, Mark and Dean were out of town, and we weren't able to play the party as a band when they requested. Aaron and I offered DJ services for their party and they accepted. In addition to playing music, and lighting, we did karaoke as well.

Aaron dressed up as Link from the Zelda game, and I dressed up as a lion. (My wife and I were the Lion and the Lamb)

We had a good time. Although, lots of people were dancing and singing, this crowd reacted better when we played as a full live band. They want us back next year, but the whole band. We also met some people at the party who are looking for a band for upcoming parties.

We had such a success, we decided that we might do more DJ gigs when they present themselves.
Aaron with the whole sound and lighting rig
Me with the whole rig.

The backyard where we played last year
They had some delicious food, including this head made of prosciutto 


  1. So nice Halloween Party DJ Gig! I am highly impressed with these photos and the video was also awesome. We too are going to host our engagement bash at the local San Francisco venues and would like to hire the party DJ as well. Thanks for this awesome entertainment idea.