Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Last Song Recorded In The Studio!

We've been working on our CD for the past year at Full Fidelity Studios. We've almost laid down all the instruments and vocals on most of our 10 tracks. We have been holding of on one last song, "Blowing Up Everything." The great thing about working with the staff at the studio is that they give great suggestions about song composition. Steve and Curtis, prepared a short demo of a few minor changes that added a lot to the song. Afterward, we laid down a rhythm base track inspired by the short demo. Now we will go into the studio to lay down individual tracks to the song, and then we're pretty much done. They'll mix the songs, and we'll critique them, decide if we want more cowbell or if we to add another guitar harmony. We're really excited to release it! It sounds awesome thus far!

Everyone did an excellent job last night, I love working with these guys!

1 comment:

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