Sunday, August 7, 2016

Website Revamp

We've made several changes to our website, to make it easier for potential clients to navigate.

  •  Before, there was a lot of info condensed into a few pages. Now, there are many simple pages that make it easier for a client to get to the info that they need. For example, there was a music page, where the setlist, original music, and live session videos were located. Now we have three separate pages.
  • Added a Videos page. We'll add music videos, and live session videos once we've filmed them. 
  • On the shows page, I added links to each of the 'Past Shows' portraits, that link to their corresponding Facebook album. While this part was easy, it was very time consuming to reorganize all of our Facebook photos.
  • Added a photos tab
  • The link to this blog is more visible.

Give it a look let us know what you think!

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