Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Guitarist Auditions pt. 2 and New Professional Press Photos!

Auditions Phase I
Nate was is not only an awesome guitarist, but an all-around awesome guy! It's no easy task to find someone to fill his shoes. We took our auditions very seriously. We put an ad on KSL and told people by word of mouth. We had about 20 inquiries, and we had a lot of serious talent contact us. We used Google Forms to keep track of them all, and find out a little bit more about each candidate. We asked what they were looking to get out of the band, what experience they've had, and we asked them to send us a video of them playing Sweet Child O Mine. We figured that we wanted someone serious enough to make the effort to create a video, and someone technical enough who can play the guitar solo of Sweet Child O Mine.

Auditions Phase II
We only had a handful of people send us video submissions, so it was easy to eliminate the majority of the candidates. We extended an invitation for live auditions, and we started them yesterday. We invited each candidate to choose and play 6 songs from our setlist. We are going to finish the rest of the live auditions next week and make a decision. These guys rock, and it's not going to be an easy decision!

New Photos!
Our new music video is currently in the editing phase. But, my friend and co-worker Michael Romero gave us some still photos that he took while we were filming. They turned out absolutely incredible! You can view the rest of them here:


  1. Nice! Photos look great! The CD sounds great as well. Good production, professional sounding. Nice cover and everything too. Keep up the good work!