Thursday, August 10, 2017

Details about our Album Release Party!

Releasing an album is one of the most rewarding milestones as a band. It's breathing life into the songs that you spent so much time carefully crafting. It's seeing the fruits of your labor after all that time and money spent tracking in the studio. It's a tangible piece of art that you can proudly share with the world. While artists get a personal sense of gratification, album release time is the time to promote and build hype.

This was our first professionally recorded album as a band. For us, we've been in the studio for almost 2.5 years, March 2015 - August 2017. We were distraught when we learned that Nate would be leaving before the album would be finished. It didn't seem fitting to not do something to celebrate this album's release, but we didn't want to train a new guitarist and wait for them to get up to speed. This album was long overdue. So we did a FB livestream.

I created a slideshow of pictures of all the events that we've had as a band, whether it was practice, gigs, or professional studio pictures. I synced the slideshow to each of the songs on the album. Our friend Victor Gamble interviewed us, and asked us songs about each song on the album.

It would have been cool to do all this live, but I don't have the experience, nor the equipment, so we pre-recorded this, edited the video, and streamed the final video. This way, I could spam all the groups I'm part of by sharing the video. The livestream seemed to go smoothly, but the rendered saved video looks like a bunch of jumbled puzzle pieces. So I reuploaded the video below. We were pretty happy with the stats, over 1700 views.

Thank you to everyone who watched! Thank you to Vic for interviewing us! 

You can download the album and find out more on our website!

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