Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Music Video Release for "No One Like You"

Before Nate left, we wanted to shoot a music video of one of the tracks from our newly released album. We let Nate choose the song, and we were surprised when he chose this one. He did so because he liked the positive message that it conveys. We also let him choose the spot where to film it. He chose Delle, Utah, a desert ghost town, with literally nothing but a gas station and an abandoned school bus. We ended up choosing Raji Barbir of TinyComet films to shoot our music video. We also hired my co-worker Mike to do some aerial drone footage. We are extremely pleased with the end result. The release turned out better than expected. We got over 8,000 FB views of the release weekend, and over 300 YouTube views. We've concentrated the majority of our efforts onto Facebook, trying to attract new fans. This music video has been the most effective avenue to gain new likes on our Facebook. This was a milestone achievement, and we'd like to thank everyone who was part of the process and who has supported us.

You can view the music video below on YouTube or Facebook (in 4k HD quality!):

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